New Lanark Chunky Wool

Our Chunky wool, which comes in 100g balls, is the perfect yarn for hand knitting warm and cosy clothes and accessories. It is also ideal for beginners who are learning to knit and for felting projects.

New Lanark Chunky yarn is available in a total of 25 colour shades and comes in three striking 100% Pure New Wool ranges:

Heather Blends: A 100% Pure New Wool range, reflecting all the stunning colours of the Scottish Countryside.

Natural Mixtures: A 100% Pure New Wool range, made from blending different quantities of un-dyed Merino and Zwarble wool, resulting in a wonderful variety of natural pure yarn.

The Italian Collection: A 100% Pure New Wool range, in colours created to reflect the vibrancy of Italy.

Our Chunky wool is produced with care and spun to the highest quality on a traditional 19th century spinning mule, which is powered by renewable energy, thereby allowing us at New Lanark Wool & Textiles to keep our environmental impact to a minimum.

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