About us

New Lanark Wool & Textiles is a small-scale producer of high quality Chunky, Aran, Double Knitting and Organic woollen yarn. Our wool is produced using very traditional methods on a 19th century spinning mule, which is powered by renewable energy from our own hydro-electricity production. We are very proud of the fact that we are a "Green Energy Site".

New Lanark is a historic mill village on the banks of the River Clyde in Scotland, 25 miles upstream from Glasgow beside the famous Falls of Clyde. The village was built as a New Town in 1785, at the start of the Industrial Revolution, and it remains virtually unchanged. In 2001 New Lanark village was awarded "World Heritage Site" status by UNESCO.

The original mill was for cotton spinning rather than wool spinning, and it survived from 1785 to 1968. In its time it had been among the largest factories in the world, employing nearly 2,500 people at its peak.

New Lanark World Heritage Site is now one of the biggest tourist attractions in the southern part of rural Scotland, with around 350,000 visitors per year, and a major part of the experience is to see a mill floor which exhibits classic historic textile machinery. The unusual feature is that the working machinery forms a key part of our woollen yarn production process, so visitors can see our high quality yarn being spun.

The New Lanark Visitor Centre opened in 1990, and it was decided to create a specialist woollen yarn production unit within the framework of this world famous tourist attraction. In the main mill floor, visitors experience the drama, rattle and noise of a 392 spindle, 120ft long, 19th century spinning mule, making 4 passes every minute. The spinning mule offers a vivid impression of the skill, power and refinement of the wool spinning process. As well as providing a powerful spectacle, the spinning mule helps to enforce the dramatic techniques of the historic cotton production.

At the start of 2006, New Lanark was the first wool production unit in Scotland to achieve the Soil Association's organic approval, guaranteeing that our organic yarn is produced to the highest standards of animal welfare and environmental protection. We are also accredited by the British Wool Marketing Board.

If you would like to find out more about our process you can visit "Our Wool Process" or www.newlanark.org.